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Christians helping Christians share their faith with the world!

To the extent your site and page is g-rated, maintained, and accessible (and fits with the given
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This is a family oriented webring system (no adult-xxx, hate groups, warez or spam sites are permitted),

that welcomes all RingMasters who wish to host their webring's on a web-ring system that is free to use...



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He Guides My Path

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The Writing of Sarah Berthelson - owner: sarah14: Poetry that comes from Sarah's life and walk with God. Her books are advertised and a short description of each one and where they can be ordered
Schooling Your Children at Home

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As Christian parents we are to train our own children.
The Rose Garden

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This Christian and gardening website includes Sister Rosemary's testimony of how Jesus made a difference in her life.
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The Restoration Group We are committed to the equipping, mentoring, and releasing of uncompromising Christian leaders in every walk of life, and to building a global community of ministries which will edify, encourage, and support one another as we walk in our respective assignments. ..

Stephen's Lutheran Corner A presentation of true faith as held by the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Read my personal testimony of faith and a section on bipolar disorder.

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church A small, mutual-ministry, church located in rural, northeastern, Oregon. This site contains information about the church, Christian biographies, and links to other religious sites.

Harps Upon The Willows - My Shepherd Harps Upon The Willows - My Shepherd, He's all I need.

Ministry of Hope Homepage Sharing biblical truths and encouraging sermons, insight in movements and ministries: about faith-healing, prosperity-teachings, contemplative Christianity, and emergent Church movement; also, inspirational articles on Christian living.

Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Melchizedek Site Melchizedek, All about Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, my Melchizedek ordination, and Melchizedek in the Bible.

Jimmy MacDonald's Website Short personal/family profiles, photos, slideshows, Christian music in various languages, video playlist, other music video playlists, family videos, guestbooks, and photo guestbook. Scotland's Ethnic People: the travelling people, language, gaelic...

Harps Upon the Willows Sharing inspirational poetry, poetic stories, and articles on lots of topics ... life, love, devotion, and family; patriotism and troop support; poetry for quilters, writers, and more...

Christian art, what is it? What can it be? Are you a Christian visual artist looking for ideas and inspiration? This site has plenty of that along with Bible help, poetry, and contemporary artwork by Christian visual artists. Through poetry, art, thought provoking essays, and stories, you can examine your artistic gift...

The Rose Garden This Christian and gardening website includes Sister Rosemary's testimony of how Jesus made a difference in her life.

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